Not your normal ice cubes :-)

Standing on the line at our most recent grocery store trip, Patrick was flipping through a magazine.  When the magazine ended up on the conveyor belt along with our other groceries my first instinct was to say, “do we really need that?”  I mean, I’m no sucker to all of those check-out line temptations that stores strategically place there to bump up your bill. 🙂 But, let it be known… I didn’t scold him.  Instead, when I saw the magazine choice I just looked over at him and smiled.

It wasn’t like it was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition (okay, so I did catch him reading that one in CVS once, but anyway…) it was none other than one of our favorite chef’s magazines, Rachael Ray Everyday.  I let the $5 magazine get scanned and put in a grocery bag despite the fact that the purchase would completely negate my strategic $4 worth of coupon savings that I brought with me.  (Two .75 cent coupons for paper towels and toilet paper that would get doubled to $1.50 each for a total savings of $3.00 and a $1.00 off the purchase of three Lean Cuisine coupon.)  Oh well, I guess my careful savings just about bought us a magazine. 🙂

So anyway, some background info on my slight obsession with Rachael Ray.  First off, I just think she’s great – chef, businesswoman, brought herself into the spotlight with hard work and dedication…  I hope my hard work pays off one day too!  Plus, Patrick and I also feel this sort of “upstate” connection with her.  Rachael was born in upstate New York in a town called Glens Falls, which is just south of Lake George. Then, she eventually moved to the village of Lake George.  Ready? Here goes our connections: My mother’s side of the family has vacationed up there and owned a house in Bolton Landing since way before I was born (my aunt/Godmother also lived, worked and raised a family in Glens Falls and got married in Lake George).  Patrick’s family vacationed there year after year as well at many different hotels and lodges and recently purchased a beautiful home on the east side of the Lake in a town called Fort Ann. Okay, that’s about it, but hey it’s enough.  We love Rachael! haha (oh I guess I should also mention that some people think I resemble her that my voice is also a little raspy like hers).  Hence, we are big fans.

Anyway, onto the recipe! So I found these suggestions for flavored ice cubes in this particular edition.  Some cube recipes weren’t my type at all, but I did try out two (simple) varieties. My choices were: “Inside Job” and “Bee Delighted.”  Here are the recipes, my photos, and the reasons why I chose these two options!

1 – Inside Job – I chose this ice cube because I looove dirty vodka martinis, but lord knows drinking them straight up can put you, well, on your butt!  I usually order my dirty martinis in a “tulip” glass with ice.  WELL, well, well… imagine my excitement when I realized I could make ice cubes with olive juice for my martinis on the rocks.  I instantly had to have it!

Directions:  Place an olive in each section of your ice cube tray.  Top with water and olive brine (olive juice) and serve in your martini. 

In the words of RR: "Yum-o!"

In the words of RR: “Yum-o!”

2 – Bee Delighted – Another beverage I love is hot tea.  I grew up drinking regular Lipton tea with milk and sugar, but also crave a nice green tea with honey and lemon sometimes.  The problem is, without milk the tea is SOO hot for so long that it’s hard to drink!  These ice cubes are awesome – they provide sweetness and cooling in one!

Directions:  Dissolve one part honey in three parts hot water.  Let cool, then pour into a tray.  (You know I did more than a 1:3 ratio, right? Of course…)  😉

I use store brand honey on the regular... works for me!

I use store brand honey on the regular… works for me!

TIP: As you see below, I used only one ice tray.    I think Patrick would have been very mad if I used all of the ice cube trays to make flavored ice cubes.  My only suggestion is to just be careful when putting it in the freezer to not tilt the tray and mix them!

Perfect example of "A little bit of this... a little bit of that!"

Perfect example of “A little bit of this… a little bit of that!

Additional side note:  You will notice there are 9 olive cubes and only 7 honey cubes.  FYI, olives should always be served in an odd-number (I kind of stick to the same rule with cherries too).  I have no idea why, it’s just something I learned along the way.


❤ Jessi

PS – We have since subscribed to Rachael Ray Everyday magazine for two years, for only $20.  Woohoo!  Get the deal here!

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