Happy 7-Eleven Day!

Happy 7-Eleven Day!

Happy 7-Eleven Day!

I have some real fun coworkers!  Today I got invited on an excursion with two of our crew members (in the company car lol) who wanted to visit as many 7-11’s as possible during our 1-hour lunch break for free Slurpees on this lovely 7-11 free Slurpee day!

Oh boy did we laugh and have fun!  It was an entertaining and amusing quest, and in the end we visited a total of six locations, for a total of 18 free Slurpees!!  Don’t worry, we didn’t get all hopped up on Slurpees ourselves – we gave a few away to coworkers when we got back.  🙂

Our final bounty!

Our final bounty!

According to myfitnesspal.com, a small (8oz) slurpee seems to average around 65-80 calories in the US.  Sugar-free varieties are only 20 calories!!  Promotion goes until 7pm tonight – hope you get a chance to get yours!  Thanks 7-Eleven!!

❤ Jessi

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