Flashback Friday 6/28/13

Every Friday is Flashback Friday here at alittlebitofthisthat!  Join me every Friday for a random photo, memory, experience etc. that I’ll share and hopefully spark some good memories of your own or inspire you to do some digging! 🙂

For today’s flashback, I’m going way back.  This past Father’s Day, my family and I sat in the backyard, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.  Well, I knew the ADD in my family would kick in soon and everyone would be doing a million different things so I decided to bring out an activity to keep everyone interested.  I walked right up to my mother’s closet where she keeps her photo albums, grabbed a bunch of them and brought them down in hopes of finding some great pictures of dad and some good memories.  Everyone flipped through every page and we all stayed together (for the most part).  Mission accomplished!

Of all the photos we found that I could post here today, (yes, plenty of Dad), I feel like I have to share one that I don’t ever remember seeing or knew it existed… me right after I was born! (hah.. hah.. I know how selfish of me… but c’mon I seriously am impressed that I actually own this photo now!!)

In addition to that, my mother is my biggest role model and guiding light in life.  Family members frequently call me “Little Eileen” and I couldn’t be more proud to bear that name.

So here I am right after being born with the woman I will always look up to and admire, and another of my mom and I on my senior prom night.  Thanks for checking them out 🙂

Mom always said I was "all head and hair" when I was born.  She is only 32 in this photo and already has a 7 and 6 year old! Wowzers!

Mom always said I was “all head and hair” when I was born. She is only 32 in this photo and already has a 7 and 6 year old! Wowzers!

Senior Prom 2004   Love my mama! <3

Senior Prom 2004.
Love my mama ❤

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

❤ Jessi