My Mom – The Original Pinterest!

I can't take credit for this beauty but I had to share :-)

I can’t take credit for this beauty but I had to share 🙂

How adorable is this gourd flowerpot?  I can’t take credit for the invention, planning, execution, or any creative aspect of this project since I was simply the recipient (a very grateful recipient at that!), but I totally felt the need to share this project.

My mom is notorious for her creativity.  Every Christmas season she not only gives gifts but she always includes a craft project on the side.  In the past it has been a snowman, an angel, a wreath, or some other craft that she developed in her head, brought the idea to life, and used the gift to brighten up someone’s day as they receive such an unexpected, thoughtful and time consuming gift during a season that no one seems to have enough time.  What I find most amazing, though, is that while I am aware my mom uses the computer for work e-mail and word processing, I am pretty sure she has never experienced Pinterest and its craft and cooking project overload.  I truly admire the fact that her projects come directly from personal inspiration and ideas.

I wanted to post Mom’s autumn project so that she knows how much her creativity and thoughtfulness was appreciated, and so others can enjoy it as well!  Isn’t this such a nice fall gift?  The mums are beautiful because they are the iconic fall flower, but by something as simple as adding a daisy or two just completes the entire arrangement, in my opinion.  Beautiful creation, Mom!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall harvest season and finding some time or some way to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them… whether it’s through a thoughtful craft or gift, or by sending a thank you note – even if it is via your blog.  🙂


Paint Chip Calendar


I saw this project on Pinterest and just HAD to try it out for myself.  There were a few variations but I decided to go for a dark to light gradient from the bottom left up to the top right, using varying blues to match my living room decor.

For a considerably impressive looking item in the home, there are just a few short instructions to make this project!  Here are the instructions:

1 – Go to your local hardware store and gather multiple paint chips of the same family, in order.  Make sure you have at least 35 “boxes” worth if you are going to do five rows of seven, as pictured.

2 – I cut my paint chips into 1″x2″ rectangles with rounded corners- but others I saw online simply included the whole paint chip, color name on the front and all!  It’s up to you, of course, and what paint chips you have access to.  (You can see below that the ones I had only had four colors per card so I chose to cut them up…)


3 – Purchase a frame from a store, find one at a yard sale, or re-purpose one that you already have.  Just make sure it’s big enough for your potential calendar! (I bought a 11″x14″ frame and but then ended up with this 14″x18″).  I got this one on sale from K-Mart for $18.74 (originally $24.99)!

4 – Glue or tape (I taped), the squares on a piece of paper (I used the back-side of the one that came in the frame!). hehe

5 – Don’t forget a place to write the month, and some tabs for the days of the week!   I used a Sharpie and wrote on the paint chips so the days are permanent.

6 – Put the frame back together and get some dry-erase markers and you’re all set!

You’re sure to get plenty of compliments.  Google “paint chip calendar” for more examples of colors, color arrangements, etc.  Some people randomized their colors, others did each full row a separate color, or I also saw one that was a gradient of colors (full rows) from bottom to top.  Let your creativity fly and enjoy having a calendar you can use forever that is as personable as they come!  Happy crafting!

❤ Jessi