“Working with what you’ve got” = Homemade Pork Fried Rice

I hope you had a chance to read all about the wonderful upstate N.Y. town of Lake George and my recent vacation there!  Well, before we (Patrick and I) went away, we chose not to go food shopping for about two weeks prior.  It was a challenge that we took upon ourselves to both save some money for vacation, and to try to empty out our freezer, fridge, and pantry of the items that we seem to pass over when planning dinners.  The goal was to work with what we’ve got.

As we scoured the freezer to see what we were working with, we decided to start with a package of thin-sliced boneless pork chops as our base.  Now, in the man’s brain he automatically went to pork chops on the barbeque with mashed potatoes.  My female brain (as most female brains probably are) decided to start checking out the endless condiments that we have on the door of the refrigerator.  Hmnn… we have a wok, and I once made beef mei fun (thin rice noodle) so I had plenty of leftover asian sauces, and there are peas in the fridge.  The only thing I had to buy were the scallions.  Bingo!

I proposed the idea of pork fried rice.  “With what else?” Patrick said to me.  “No, that’s the meal,” I countered. “It has meat, grain, and veggies all in one.  It’s perfect!”  And that is how I got my way and how the following recipe is here for you.

Homemade Pork Fried Rice... Delish!

Homemade Pork Fried Rice… Delish!

Ingredients (This will feed about 4-6 people comfortably, as a full meal – or more people as a side)
One package (Ours was almost a pound and a half) thin boneless pork chops

6 cups white rice

8 eggs

One package frozen peas

One small cluster scallions

Sesame Oil

Oyster Sauce

Soy Sauce


1.  Bring six cups of water to a boil in a large saucepan.

2.  While the water is boiling, slice the pork chops into thin strips or small cubes (to your liking), and place in a dish with oyster sauce to marinate.

3.  Cut the scallions into rings and place aside as well.

4.  When the water boils, add the rice, cover, and remove from heat.  In 10-12 minutes, check back on the rice and fluff it with a fork.

5.  Time to cook with the wok!  You could probably do most of these in any order but here is the order I did:

6.   Scramble the eggs in the wok, place aside.

7.  Line the wok with sesame oil.  Cook the marinated pork until just about well done, place aside.

8.  Cook peas and scallions until just about well done – leave in wok.

9.  Coat the wok with more sesame oil.

10.  Add your previous ingredients – eggs, pork, and rice and mix together!  (We needed to do this in two different batches!) Keep the heat on, and add more oyster sauce and soy sauce to your liking.  Toss and mix around ingredients frequently.

Here are some pictures of my experience:

Pork chops... never my first choice of meat for some reason but this recipe tasted great!

Pork chops… never my first choice of meat for some reason but this recipe tasted great!

Here are the sauces I had leftover that I used. :-)

Here are the sauces I had leftover that I used. 🙂

Eggs First

Eggs First

Meat second...

Meat second…

Veggies third!

Veggies third!

Everything together!

Everything together!






Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispy Treats!

First off, happy July 1st everyone! 😀

So I ask this question in all seriousness… is there anyone who doesn’t like rice krispy treats?   As a young kid I absolutely loved when my mom would make them and my highlight of going to Walt Disney World was getting the mickey-mouse shaped ones (my sister and niece recently brought my back one as a souvenir… yes!!).  Even at my age I have a hard time going to Starbucks without buying a marshmallow dream bar…

For months now, I’ve had this recipe pinned to my Fourth of July Pinterest board and have been dying to make them!  They are just so cute and I know they will be a hit at any 4th of July (or Memorial Day!) gathering.  The original recipe links to lilluna.com‘s blog.  Here it is, and here’s my experience making this delicious childhood-favorite dessert.


6 cups Rice Krispies

1 Package Marshmallows

3 tablespoons butter

Red and Blue food coloring


Well, here was my first mistake right off the bat:  I greased a 13×9 pan because, well, mom always made them in that size pan!  The recipe (in addition to the fact that you will be stacking the three colors) is small so I’d suggest either double the recipe or realize you will only get 16 small pieces.








Back to the recipe:  First, separate each of the ingredients into 3 sets, each set consisting of  2 cups cereal, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1/3 of the marshmallow bag.

On medium-low heat, melt the butter.

Melt butter and then add marshmallows.

Melt butter and then add marshmallows.

Add marshmallows and stir until they are completely melted.

They are beginning to melt, yay!

They are beginning to melt, yay!

Then add rice krispies and food coloring, stirring until they are completely coated and colored to your liking.  (I would stay away from using anything flimsy to stir with… mixing these puppies can get difficult so you’ll need a sturdy spoon or spatula…)

Beginning with the color you want on the bottom, spread each of the mixtures into your greased 8×8 pan.

Layer the batches with "white" aka no coloring in the middle.

Layer the batches with “white” aka no coloring in the middle.

All three layers!

All three layers!

Let these babies cool then slice them up and enjoy!

Halfway through slicing up my treats I realized I only have 9 small pieces so far!

Halfway through slicing up my treats I realized I only have 9 small pieces so far!

The final product! Lots of compliments :-)

The final product! Lots of compliments 🙂


I’d advise doing these one “color” at a time but if you are short on time/impatient like I was, I ended up doing all three layers at the same time (Honestly, I started with one and when I got bored watching butter/marshmallows melt I decided to go gung-ho. Ahhh!!) There was a point that it got a little crazy and I had to call the bf in to help get stir the krispies and keep them off the heat so unless you have help I’d say do them one layer at a time.


All three layers cooking at once can get a little crazy!!

Enjoy your treats and have a happy, healthy, and safe Fourth of July everyone!

❤ Jessi